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Our Community Projects

Best Hygiene is dedicated to promoting Hygiene Awareness to all communities in and around South Africa. We have embarked and are setting up a couple of various  programmes towards that goal.

Disposal of Sanitary Towels

The provision of sanitary towels in underprivileged schools is taking off and  Best Hygiene fully supports such initiatives, unfortunately the provision of proper sanitary towel disposal is non-existent in township schools and this results in unintended consequences such as endless plumbing problems and this is where we feature to resolve this problem.

Adhering to sanitary waste disposal regulations ensures that schools also comply with the safe disposal of sanitary waste complying with The Occupational Health & Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and The National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 59 of 2008


We provide and install sanitary bins in township schools


Hygiene must not only be taught but practiced

After use, a disposable sanitary pad or a tampon should be disposed of in a sanitary bin.